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Lesbian Love Forever



Authors and coaches Renate Stendhal and Kim Chernin co-authored Lesbian Marriage: A Love And Sex Forever Kit.  As established authors, they wanted to take a new approach to launch their manual and ultimately drive traffic to their lesbian coaching practice.


My Approach was the URL of choice.  From the onset, I saw this clever manual as more than just a book, but a lifestyle web destination.  In the first phase of the project, we created a website that promoted the book, allowed users to sign up for emails and download freebies.  Moving beyond the basics, in phase two, we evolved the website into more of a community for the LBGT community.  An in-depth SEO analysis showed us great opportunities within the community.  We created a LBGT Wiki, optimized for specific keywords, expanded the blog and added the ability to purchase the Kindle book directly from the site.


The Result

Renate and Kim have seen consistent increases to their website.  Because of their consistent blogging efforts and presence in social media, they have been able to drive traffic to their site, solidify their position as experts in the lesbian community and create leads for new clients.


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