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Managed WordPress Hosting

Firstly, let me say…I never wanted to offer web hosting as a service to my clients.  I didn’t want to be that “slick” web programmer that sold “everything” and could potentially hold your site hostage if they got pissed off.  But, recently, I had a client that wanted to move away from their old programmer’s hosting, but couldn’t afford “Cadillac Web Hosting.” I already was hosting my site with WPEngine, the best of the best as far as Managed WordPress hosting, and WPEngine convinced me to just become a reseller so I can offer more benefits to my clients.  By going through me, you get

24/7 Phone support (something you can’t get with their entry level plan)
Global IP Tracking Service (something you can’t get until you’re at the business level @$249/mo)
Unique user login for dashboard, SFTP and PHP MyAdmin Access (so you can come in and get your information anytime you want, you don’t need to go through me)
Discounted rates and more options for less (something I can offer because I’m pooling my clients under my account…like group insurance plans)

Of course, my clients are free to open their own WP Engine accounts, I just wanted to be transparent about the reasons why I offer this service.  So, if you’d like me to manage your hosting and take advantage of the benefits, click below.SS_MonthlyPlan


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Save $58 on Annual Plan

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Save $198 on Annual Plan

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