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Monthly Tune-Up

Protecting your WordPress site is one of the best investments you can make.  Time and time again, I have clients calling me because their website simply disappeared due to some sort of malware attack.  All hosting companies are not created equal, so protection to your site is not guaranteed.

The biggest key to keeping your site safe is making sure that your site software stays up to date, as your hosting company updates their servers and software.  When your site is out of date and not maintained properly, security holes and gaps are left for hackers to get in and cause trouble.

I offer a monthly maintenance service that takes the hassle and concern off of your plate.  Monthly maintenance includes:

Monthly update of all software on your site, including
Wordpress, all plugins and themes

Repair any functionality issues caused by web updates.

One 15 minute session with The Rebel Geek, per month,
to answer questions or help with anything on your existing site.

5-10% discount on future projects

Security that your website is safe!

$50 per month

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