I demystify tech for individuals and entrepreneurs so they’re empowered to build killer businesses and create financial freedom for themselves.

- Erin, The Rebel

My Process




The Brief

First, I’ll ask you a few questions that helps both you and me understand why you need a new website.  I want to know your goals and expectations. While these questions will take you some, and take you out of your comfort zone, this is necessary.  Those things that make us uncomfortable are the things that we should run toward instead of from.[/fourcol_three_last]




The Sitemap

After I have the brief, I will create a visual  sitemap. This will help us outline a site plan very quickly, so we know where we’re heading. By doing this exercise, we will see how users are interfacing with your site and how information is being communicated. [/fourcol_three_last]




The Prototype

When we get to the prototype phase, I will SHOW you how I plan to build your site.  This will be much easier to understand than hearing and seeing words. I’ll build an interactive prototype to show you how my plan will work. This won’t be anything fancy, but it let’s you know how it will all come together in the end.[/fourcol_three_last]




The Design

The beauty starts to unfold in this stage.  We start designing and creating what the site will actually look like. The prototype will now actually start to look like something, matches your business brand and goals.[/fourcol_three_last]




The Delivery

Finally, we make sure everything is ready to go.  We test, test, then you test, before deploying your shiny new website to your hosting server.[/fourcol_three_last]


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