Build Your Digital Presence

without Breaking Your

Business Bank

and Paying Overpriced Contractors

You can't run a business without digital.

My GeekD Digital Mastery Program will get your business web-ready in 120 days or less.  Learning to take control of your online tech can save business owners $40k+ over the span of 2 years.

Small business owners can DIY their online's easier than you think.

What you get..

90 Minute Deep Dive

Initial onboarding call that outlines your digital goals and dig into your online needs.

6-Month Custom Action Plan

Step-by-step plan that will take you from zero to web-ready over the next 6 months.

Weekly Video Training and Homework

Custom video training and homework to strategically help you meet your digital goals.

Biweekly Live 60 minute video calls (8 total)

Eight live video sessions to do whatever you need to do to boost your digital.

Don't let technophobia prevent you from building the online business you want.

  • Learning how to use digital tools is not the same as developing.
  • Skills can be built on and used across multiple digital tools.
  • Hiring overpriced contractors can be very expensive.
  • Digital knowledge and know-how can protect the small business owner. Even wen they choose to hire help.  

What our customers are saying:

Erin is a phenomenal asset.

Erin is a phenomenal asset to our company. No matter what technical bind we find ourselves in, she is always available and ready to brainstorm solutions, as well as provide her own suggestions and examples of what can and can’t work. I’ve come to rely on her heavily, in not just the technical aspect of maintaining my company website but also wanting her input in marketing, advertising, and overall big picture ideas for the team. Due to her background in advertising, Erin has a handle on what a client wants and will work to no end to find a solution. I’ve been very fortunate to come across Erin at a crucial point in my company that would not be at this level had it not been for her diligence and attention to detail. As well as her integrity to get the job done well.

JEAN BURK  // College Prep Genius

Erin is my secret weapon

Erin is my Secret Weapon! Not only did she build a website that exceeds my expectations, but her commitment to creating a user-friendly system has helped me implement new business ideas. I really appreciate Erin’s expertise, as well as her commitment to make things work, everything from simple tools to more complex integrations.

BREE CUTTS  //  Playful Practice

Erin values relationship

I am thrilled with the site created with Erin, The Rebel Geek. Her professional, collaborative work style yielded a site that functionally met Christina D’s ecommerce needs but visually represented the ‘brand’ perfectly. Unlike many out there who tend to ‘drop you like a rock’ once the site is done…Erin values the relationship and has been readily available to provide support whether it is in doing add-ons/upgrades to the site or phone/video tutorials that educated me on how to maintain the site myself. This is one web-savvy professional that Christina D cannot do without!

CHRISTINA HORTON  // Christina D Lingerie and Swim

GeekD Digital Mastery Overview

This program is an intensive collaboration of effort between Erin, The Rebel and the small business owner.  Each experience is customized for the individual business' needs, to ensure web-readiness in no more than 120 days.  Although each experience is customized, this is a possible overview for weekly sessions.

  1. 1
    Week 1 - Kick off meeting between erin, The Rebel and business owner to take a deep dive into business digital needs.  We will spend a full 90 minutes to iron out online goals and expectations. The Rebel Geek will provide the business owner with a custom action plan to meet goals outlined in deep-dive session.
  2. 2
    Week 2 - Begin building digital framework.  Here we will address administrative needs and best tools to employ.  Begin collecting all digital assets.  60-minute bi-weekly call.
  3. 3
    Weeks 3-10  Web building.  Based on customer need, we will begin addressing website needs.  Platform, web tools, etc.  Video lessons will be provided for at-home work and learning.  Continue collection of assets. Biweekly calls will take place during week 4, 6, 8 and 10.
  4. 4
    Weeks 11-14 - Marketing setup and implementation. Setting up social media and email marketing tools used by business owner.  Biweekly calls will take place during weeks 12 and 14.
  5. 5
    Weeks 15-16 - Final fine tuning on website and social in preparation for launch.  Final call during week 16.

Erin, The Rebel  //  Digital Consultant

I help take the fear out of tech for small business owners and entrepreneurs so the world doesn't miss out on any of the goodness they want to bring us.  I empower individuals to do it themselves, or build their confidence to hire someone to do it for them.  I call that Getting GeekD in your business.

When I talk about tech, I'm talking about "small" tech, not big tech.  Not programming and hard coding.  I'm talking 

about the tech that's needed in a 2021 economy to help businesses get up and and stay running. 

Erin Braxton


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the program within the first 30 days, I will give you a full refund.

Erin, The Rebel

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