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Be careful of those who try to creep into the spaces you hold in which they do not belong.
Spaces come in all forms.  They can be physical, mental, or emotional. But the most important space you have, which[...]
Your enthusiasm, passion, and hard work won’t always bring others a victory, but they most often always bring success and victory to you.
You've finally created the program, product, or course you've been dreaming about.  You've put yourself out there, revealed it to[...]
If you’ve been led to the well and choose not to drink, don’t get frustrated when you remain thirsty.
You've got a dream, goal, or desire.  We all have them.  And many of us have been shown the path[...]
Just because they’re conducting business doesn’t mean they’re about their business.
This is just the painful reality of being in business.  You will run across all kinds of business owners on[...]