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I demystify online tech for small brands so they don't get played and get things done. 

Being informed creates confident business owners 

that are able to build professional and financial freedom.

The Small Brand Owner's Dilemma:

You have a business idea where tech is involved, but you're not a geek.  You fear tech.  You actually run from it.

You feel like any sort of tech is hard core programming, that you could never understand, nor do you have any interest in learning.

Perhaps you attempted to get help from an industry expert, but felt intimidated.  Or couldn't afford it.

Maybe you actually contracted a professional to help, but they ghosted you without completing the job. Or worse...you got frustrated and ghosted them.

But what if the tech you need to succeed isn't the mammoth you thought? What if you can become informed and educated enough to keep you from being played...by others or yourself.

Allowing you to do it yourself, or give you confidence to hire those who can help.  The result: the business of your dreams that provides professional and financial freedom.

"Getting GeekD in your small business

can give you the power to succeed and prevent you from being played." - Erin, The Rebel

The Rebel Reals newsletter is just quick shares about business based on my experience that may help you out in yours. 

I send them every Tuesday.  I promise not to spam you.  But you may get an email every now and then about programs and digital products that may benefit you in your biz.