About The Rebel

I started my career in advertising and marketing working at big ad agencies as a brand manager.  And while it was fun to go on TV shoots and sound all impressive when I told people what I did, it wasn't for me.   I wasn't good at playing the game and it just wasn't fulfilling. I always found small business to be more interesting and I wanted my own.  I tried and I failed.  Then I tried again and here I am!  It was hard AF, confusing most of the time, and hella humbling.  But I wouldn't trade any of my experiences for anything! I get super real about it in my 3-part blog post about it.

...working on bigger, more well-known brands, it wasn't for me. 

When I started The Rebel Geek, I was in survival mode.  I was coming out of the roughest patch I'd ever been in, and had no idea where this business was going.  But I was excited and fueled by my ability to help people while learning a new skill at the same time.  Even though I building websites, it was creative.  It wasn't simply some technical task. 

My business grew and so did my skills.  People were referring me and I was building my company.  I was growing all the way around.  Not just technically but my emotional business skills were being shaped. I built a team that could support me and I was rolling.

The way my path was unfolding gave me confidence in myself in a way I had never experienced.  And while people were impressed with what I'd done, I knew they could do it, too.  I carved out a business out of scratch.  And what started out of necessity grew into a passion.  

...tech doesn't have to be scary.  That's where I come in.  I take the fear out of tech for small business owners...

Today I still work with brands managing and building their sites, but I also teach small brands how to do it for themselves, without coding!  I was able to figure it out and so can you!  By empowering individuals to do it themselves they can build their confidence, even it they later decide to hire someone to do it for them.  So instead of struggling to pay more than you can afford or dealing with a web professional that is talking over your head, inconsistent or hard to put your finger on, I teach you how to take care of your own needs when it comes to your site.

Websites are important.  They matter.  They are the voice of your business and when you use them correctly, they should be operating as a system.  Not only to attract new leads but to nurture them into and through your programs.  They shouldn't be an afterthought, playing second to social media.  They need to work with social and do it's job.  Support your business, dream, project, course, etc.  I can help you build one!

erin, The Rebel Geek

The Rebel Reals newsletter is just quick shares about business based on my experience that may help you out in yours. 

I send them every Tuesday.  I promise not to spam you.  But you may get an email every now and then about programs and digital products that may benefit you in your biz.