I demystify tech for individuals and entrepreneurs so they’re empowered to build killer businesses and create financial freedom for themselves.

- Erin, The Rebel

I started my career in advertising and marketing working at big ad agencies as a brand manager.  And while it was fun working on bigger, more well-known brands, it wasn't for me.   Why?

Because small business is such a huge gift to the world.  The creativity they bring us and the care in which they can do it is  a huge service to our local and global communities.  This gift should not be underestimated. Everyone can not work for big corporations, nor do they want to.  I know I couldn't!  

...working on bigger, more well-known brands, it wasn't for me. 

But so many people have these brilliant, budding business ideas locked inside their brains, only to be kept from fear of what it would take to actualize their dreams...the fear of tech  This fear keeps dreams from being set free.   In 2021, almost any business idea will involve some form of tech.  And that is the catch that trips so many up. Because tech can be so intimidating, that the fear of it can stop people from pursuing their dreams.  But tech doesn't have to be scary.  That's where I come in.

...tech doesn't have to be scary.  That's where I come in.  I take the fear out of tech for small business owners...

I help take the fear out of tech for small business owners and entrepreneurs so the world doesn't miss out on any of the goodness they want to bring us.  I empower individuals to do it themselves, or build their confidence to hire someone to do it for them.  I call that Getting GeekD in your business.

When I talk about tech, I'm talking about "small" tech, not big tech.  Not programming and hard coding.  I'm talking 

about the tech that's needed in a 2021 economy to help businesses get up and and stay running.  Something (s) that  can be easily learned and managed by the everyday small business owner (until they blow up and can afford a team to manage things for them). Anyone can learn this. Tech isn't the behemoth it used to be when it comes to getting things done.  Small business owners just need a roadmap to navigate what is available and the confidence to move down that road.

Being uniformed, misinformed or scared of your own instincts can get many small business owners played.  And that's what I want to prevent.  Just being armed with the right information can prevent the irreparable losses in time, money and even intellectual resources.  When you have a basic understanding of how to do things and the right questions questions to ask, mishaps can be prevented. 

My Back Story

How I ended up doing this...

When I graduated from Mizzou (University of Missouri - Columbia) with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism (yes...there is a such thing as a Bachelors of Journalism), I knew I was destined for something big.  I was determined to leave my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri and conquer the world.  I did leave, but I'm still conquering. 

Dallas, TX-

One week after college graduation, I went to work for Tracey Locke in Dallas, TX as a Traffic Manager and then an Account Executive.  They were a well-known promotions agency at the time and it was fun.  I worked on accounts like Frito Lay, Pepsi and Pizza Hut.  I met a lot of great people I still know and talk to today.  And my experience there was very extremely valuable and eye opening.

From there I worked in Neiman Marcus' marketing department as a marketing analyst.  Sounds cooler than it was, but the discount was amazing!

My last and final stint as an employee was at The Richards Group in Dallas, TX.  A huge privately held ad agency that taught me a lot.  At the time, not such a great place for an African American female in a good ole boy shop, who had no clue how to keep a straight poker face or "play the game" well.  But, I was able to get some nice advertising experience working on brands like Dr. Pepper, Greyhound, Target and Nokia.  I stayed there 7 years before I started my own clothing company and moved to Los Angeles.  I actually started the company almost 3 years before I left.

Los Angeles, CA-

Determined to make my little clothing line a success, I had some great wins and losses.  I had no idea what I was doing, but that didn't stop me!  I sold my line to boutiques,  resorts and spas across the country...but financially, I was barely hanging on.  The biggest problem I faced was not having a clear roadmap.  I had no one to help or guide me.  And embarrassingly, I didn't want any guidance.  I was stupid enough to believe I didn't need help.   And even though I did some really stupid sh&%, I'm proud of what I accomplished.  If only I knew a smidge of tech, things might have been different.  In my core, I wanted to be an online brand, but I was led by what others were doing and didn't pursue that route. 

My website and business tech was a financial investment I chose not to make. I didn't think it 

was something I could do on my own.

I feared it.

In 2003, when my father, the least tech savvy person you've ever meant, told me "There must be something you can do with that internet, Erin," I didn't listen.  I forced a different path.  One that was uneducated and ignorant.  Even though my passion was to do something online, I didn't know tech so I tried to be like everyone else at the time, more traditional and pay others to help me do something I could have done myself.  BIG mistake.  (Take a look at my post that outlines the 7 Do's and Don'ts of Online Tech).  Not what I want for other small business owners.  Then, one night I had a dream...

I'm not even BS-ing.  I actually had a dream about a business idea, and when I woke, I remembered the dream.  The site was INeedABlackHairStylist.com.  I was determined to build the site.  Even though I had no money and no web building experience, I was somehow determined to build it.  And while it took me some time, I did it!  I figured out how to make it happen.  I was so GeekD with that entire process.  I was obsessed.  The business did not end up growing into much because I found that I had inadvertently started another business, The Rebel Geek Web consulting.  First friends began to hire me and before I knew it, I had regular clients!  (I plan on reviving my first site again!) 

Me, with my self-taught skills, coupled with my previous advertising/marketing/clothing designer skills, determination and geekiness found a new career that I loved!

St. Louis-

At the time I'm writing this, I'm one month away from returning to my hometown to be closer to my family.  I have a fully functioning business that I've created for myself that allows me to work anywhere I want.  And I did it by doing exactly what I want to teach you.  The confidence needed to take tech into your own hands and create the professional and financial freedom you have been dreaming about!

erin, The Rebel Geek

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