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College Prep Genius

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College Prep Genius has been a dream client because we have been able to do so many fun things.  Since I've been working with them in 2013, I have helped them go from selling tangible courses on DVDs to selling eCourses, live virtual courses, and eReaders.  My team and I have done things with Wordpress that we have never seen including:

  • Custom parent/student registration to allow parents to be a part of the student learning experience.
  • Unique parent dashboard that allows parents to monitor student progress throughout the program.
  • API integration with Adobe Connect and Wordpress that allows the virtual class experience to be seamless.
  • User-specific eReader downloads available for sale that prevent sharing.
  • Custom eCourse design including quizzes and customer interface.
  • Custom affiliate program design and functionality.
  • Etc., etc.....


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When the Manhattan based advertising agency AFG& came to us, they were in need of a makeover.  What an honor to help out an ad agency in this way.  Plus, they were so easy to work with!  We were able to collaborate to implement a custom design that showcases their expertise and excellence in the advertising community.