Tools Needed to Complete Milestone 2

Congratulations on completing your first milestone!  By now you should have all of your digital basics up and running.  During Milestone 2, we will begin planning your website.

You will need the following tools:

Canva is  no less than amazing!  I use is all the time and have simplified my life!  This program makes it so easy to design, by simply clicking and dragging.  There is a free version and PRO version.  The free version should serve your needs when it comes to designing your site.  Visit this link to sign up and use your Google Workspace email to make things easier when signing up.

LastPass is a life saver.  I have so many passwords, as we all do and this organizes me  without issue. makes it easy to share passwords with your team or vendors who may need temporary access to your apps, without actually needing to give them the password.  Visit this link to sign up.  IMPORTANT: Make sure you store your master login somewhere else that is secure.  I would suggest Evernote if you use it or a protected Google document.