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Erin Braxton  |  April 12, 2022

I get it...it's a lot sexier to be Instagram famous, create fun TikTok videos and launch an app, then build a website and collect email addresses.  I, personally, love creating content in the form of videos.   Unfortunately, it's not where I get the best ROI on my time investment.  At least not now.

Here's the deal.  You can easily get caught up on the wrong things when building your online business.  And it's easy to get distracted dreaming up ideas of your own when we love consuming the content of others.  But creating the wrong type of content and trying to find your audience in the wrong places may get you somewhere, just not where you want to go.

Obviously, as a small business owner you need some sort of website.  But a good email address is the most valuable form of currency you can collect from prospective customers.  No doubt...social media can definitely be effective. Research just shows email still works better (Source: Business.com).


If you're a corporate service provider, Instagram and TikTok may not be your audience.  Or...

If you own a restaurant, building an app may not be the first thing you should be thinking about.

Lead people to where you are, get their email and start talking to them.  It's way more valuable than a like, follow or view.  At least for now.

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