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Erin Braxton  |  August 9, 2022

Series: Your Website Isn't Just A...

People will bring all sorts of "opportunities" to you that are more intended to serve their interests rather than yours.  Many times their opportunities can serve your interests and a great business connection is made.  But when the waters get muddied by friendly relationships and emotional decisions, that's when you run into problems.

 - Maybe you meet someone you really connected with at an event who needs your product or service, and you now feel weird about charging your full fee.

- Maybe a friend or family member needs you to hook them up with your product or service, and it's expected that you automatically reduce your prices for them. Or do it gratis.

- Maybe you were offered a reduced rate (or trade) on their product or service to get one on yours. So you feel an obligation to engage in something you don't necessarily want or need.

But here's the deal.  It's all business.  And you're not in business to give pity discounts and operate around BS obligations just because you can't find a way to say, "No."  So before you think about cutting your costs, giving someone the hookup or doing anything you don't want to do, think it through.  You've got enough things to do besides battling the resentment you'd feel when you just could have said no in the first place.

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