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Erin Braxton  |  January 10, 2023

Series: Is your website working for you?

Nobody is waiting on you to get your sh!& together.  If you're lucky enough for someone to find you online, get to your site or find your offer...only to encounter a broken or messed up experience..they're leaving.  It's that simple.  They may return in the future, but when?  Most likely the opportunity is lost.

Things will happen that can not be helped.  Links break.  Sites go down.  Perhaps that last update your server company made caused a break in something you haven't even touched.  But as a business owner, it's on you to ensure things are working and ready for the opportunities coming your way.  Because when people are ready to engage, they usually become impatient.  They want to take action immediately.  You don't want to miss out on that.

This past week I wanted to engage a cleaning service that had stellar reviews and recommendations.  After going through a bunch of their phone prompts, I was met with a long outgoing message.  Annoyed, I just called the NEXT service that I felt led to call.  By the time my initial choice followed back up 2 hours later, I had it handled.

Don't give your potential clients and customers a chance to say, "Next!" to your brand or service.  If you know what you have out there isn't right, make it right.  Fix what you know is broken and check things even when they're not. Get ready. Stay ready.  And keep your sh!& together. Or that client you could have had will just move on to the NEXT.

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