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Erin Braxton  |  July 26, 2022

Series: Your Website Isn't Just A...

Last week I went on the most AMAZING trip.  I was invited to attend a Mastermind in Medellin, Colombia for an experience I was only told would be "epic."  Now...going to Colombia was never on my hit list.  But I thought, why not?  So I went not knowing what to expect.  And it was nothing less than epic.  Not only because it was me traveling to a place I'd never been and seeing and doing things I'd never seen or done (see my IG post here).  But the people...

I was exposed to the most phenomenal group of people that could have only been set in front of me by God him (or her) self.  I found solutions to problems that I'd been struggling with for weeks.  I had dots connected that I had been trying to connect and execute on for years.  I held company with some of the most inspiring people (mainly women) that I've ever been around in one place.  I had epiphanies left and right.  And if I wouldn't have been open, it wouldn't have happened.  

It's okay to hang out with your friends and kick it with them...some of the time.  But if you want to go somewhere you're not getting, or if you're finding yourself in a business quandary you can't figure your way out of, you may want to examine the company you keep.  No digs or shade to the current people in your life, but everyone isn't where you're at or where you're trying to go.  Find the ones who are and you'll be amazed at what can happen.

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