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Erin Braxton  |  June 4, 2024

Have you ever worked with a coward? Maybe you worked for one?  I've been in both situations, and am unsure which is worse.  We've all been around cowards, but in the workplace, they scream danger louder than anything ever could.  It's probably the most unattractive personality trait I've ever witnessed.

No matter your role in the situation (employee, employer, contractor, or vendor), you will eventually encounter this personality type.  Hell...you may be the coward I speak about! So, let me give you some general rules to live by when working with and for cowards.

  1. 1
    Once you've identified a coward and their cowardly ways, keep the coward at a distance.  Even if they've never wronged you personally.   If you've seen their lack of integrity, it's in them. And they will wield it on you if necessary, not giving you a second thought.  
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    CYA, always.  Document and don't get caught slippin'.  You may need that information one day.  Because there will come a time when the coward tries it. So be prepared.
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    Think about completely removing yourself from the situation. That may mean getting a new job or client.  And while I'm sure that sounds extreme, these types of people can bring a level of stress on you that is all-consuming and almost impossible to shake.  You must adopt an "every man for him/herself" mindset and become super selfish when toxicity and lack of integrity run rampant.  Choosing to walk away always feels better than being forced out because someone threw you under a bus.
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    Create professional business standards for yourself and your business.  No matter how good that paycheck looks, pass or abort the moment you catch a coward in the midst.  If you hired one, fire them.  If you're looking to get hired, ask the right questions so you can see who you're dealing with.  If you work for one, exit the situation as soon as possible.  Bottom line, you get to choose who you work with.

We all have a little coward in us somewhere. I'm personally afraid of rodents and physical pain.  And yes...certain aspects of my business are scary to me.  But I find it feels better if I own my mistakes, so I can learn from them and get on to the next one!  Having that type of integrity is the only way to successfully stay in this game.

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