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Erin Braxton  |  November 29, 2022

Series: Is your website working for you?

This sounds easy enough to do, but when you're the person that wants to communicate everything you possibly can in hopes that your message will be heard, what you're saying becomes less attractive.  I'm guilty of this myself.  As we try to craft the perfect email or sales pages we tend to get a bit verbose, thinking if we don't say EVERYTHING we can possibly say, no one will have enough information to continue the journey forward with us.  But that's the wrong thinking.

My experience has shown me the following:

  • Most people either don't like to read, or they're just too lazy to read everything you have to say on a topic.
  • Less is more...if you put too much information on your landing pages or your communication, it's overwhelming and that will run away your audience.
  • People prefer simplicity and to be told exactly what to do, QUICKLY.  And no...that doesn't mean they're stupid...they just don't have time for all that!

So, as you work on your next landing page, email or piece of communication, I challenge you to keep it simple, saying only what is necessary to get your audience to the next step, so you don't risk running them away!

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