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Erin Braxton  |  July 9, 2024

Last week, I was minding my own business when I was hit by a car.  And not while IN my car, but while walking in the park.  Girlfriend just came through, hit me with her Buick (with a kid in tow), and kept rolling.  I'm okay, just a bit out of alignment.  I'll survive.  This happened on the heels of me repeatedly getting hit by other things.  Client drama, an assistant needing assistance, a broken air conditioner in July, and the hits just keep coming.  Clearly, I'm having a moment.  

Every now and then that happens.  You seem to get hit from every direction.  And when it happens, you often think back to what you thought was a problem the day before, and would gladly trade it for the -ish you just got hit with today.  But if you focus on the wrong thing, these hits can not only take you down but out. 

For example, I'm choosing to focus on...

...the blessing of having paying clients.

...the fact that a car hit me and I wasn't seriously injured. 

...how I was able to provide assistance to my assistant when in need, and

...how my HVAC guy made it to my house in record time to fix my AC (in July) without it costing me an absolute fortune.

So while you may holler like a dog when you get hit, don't let it take you all the way out.  In fact, scream, holler, and cry if need be.  But leave it there. Find the blessings. Get the lesson. And push on.

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