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Erin Braxton  |  December 27, 2022

When things are silent in our businesses, sometimes it's easy to misinterpret that silence. You're doing all the right things...creating bomb-ass content, consistently. Showing up when and where you feel led to be. But nobody seems to be listening. Content engagement is down, sales are slow and things just aren't HAPPENING. But I'm here to encourage you to not be discouraged.

For me, this year has been a great one. An amazing one. And while I've been pretty good at sharing on social media, it never occurs to me how widespread my reach is, until I'm reminded. I've recently returned to STL after almost 30 years of being away. So when I run into someone I haven't spoken to since before I left... someone who can recount my life back to me...I'm always amused. Sometimes they've never said a peep on social, not a comment...nada. But they know what I'm up to. They're interested.

It's the same in business. Think about all the times you've watched the sales videos, read the reviews, or returned to the same site before you decided to make your move and buy.  Don't you think others could be doing the same to you?  Watching you. Studying you. Working the idea of you around in their heads before they engage. Not in a weird way...but in the way we all do before doing business with someone new.

So as we head into 2023, stay the course. Keep going. Go harder. Go often. And don't stay silent when others are silent with you.  Even if you don't see or feel the love immediately, it's coming. They see you!

Happy New Year!

Erin, The Rebel

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As a web and online marketing consultant, Erin has helped clients confidently build and grow their online presence.  Her love for entrepreneurs and all things small business has been a passion for over 14 years.  As an entrepreneur, herself, Erin knows how to coach and lead small businesses through their online journeys.  Read More

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