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Erin Braxton  |  November 26, 2023

It often seems appealing to ignore or ghost when you're faced with delivering less than desirable news.  Thinking that it's the easy way out.  But is avoiding really easy? Or just cowardly? Is it buying you more time or showing your lack of integrity?

If you've ever missed a deadline, been late paying a vendor's invoice, or promised something you couldn't deliver, you know how tempting it can be to disappear until you can find a solution.  But allow me to suggest a different path.

  • When you miss a deadline and avoid client inquiries, it just highlights your immaturity as a businessperson. It's not like they don't know you're off schedule. Let them know what's going on and be realistic about timing.  Instead of breaking trust by ghosting, you'll build it.
  • If you don't have the money to pay an invoice, say something!  The only reason people don't pay invoices is because they don't have the money.  So you're not fooling anyone.  When you let your vendor know what's going on, you don't burn a bridge.  Good vendors are hard to come by, so don't duck and dodge them, or you may lose them forever. 
  • If what you've promised isn't gonna happen, come clean.  Leaving your client in the dark can hurt their business, as well as your's.  Try coming back with a alternative solution that will work even better. This showcases you as a problem solver instead of someone who can't deliver.  It will be much appreciated.

Bottom line, treat others the way you would want to be treated in ALL situations.  If not, you just look like an a$$hole and who wants that?

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As a web and online marketing consultant, Erin has helped clients confidently build and grow their online presence.  Her love for entrepreneurs and all things small business has been a passion for over 14 years.  As an entrepreneur, herself, Erin knows how to coach and lead small businesses through their online journeys.  Read More

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