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Erin Braxton  |  July 11, 2023

I like to consider myself an evolved person.  Someone who's done work on herself.  Someone who is able to rationalize the crazy that comes her way, handle stress in stride, and prioritize her life's to-do list.  But if I'm being honest I'm just human.  Out here on my hustle trying to win in all areas of my life.  Stress and all.  Sometimes it takes me a minute to figure out that I am actually stressed.  That I do feel anxiety.  It then takes me a minute more to figure out how to handle it.  Here's what I'm learning (I didn't say learned because I'm a work in progress).

There is a ton of low-grade stress I could eliminate that is genuinely f-ing with me, but choose not to.  It comes from the stuff that is nagging at me, holding space in the back of my mind that I don't do sh%$ about.  Things I could control right now at this moment to help me feel lighter, but just choose not to.  Some are business related and a lot are personal.  Let me share of few of my own in hopes of helping you with yours...

  • Personal - touching up my walls and cleaning the paint off of my wood floors from when I painted two years ago!  Low-grade stress...it's annoying as hell to look at so why TF won't I clean it up?
  • Personal - registering my car in the state of Missouri. I've been here for over two years and still have California plates. Don't judge, the police here are so terrible they don't care to pull me over. But now I'm stressing to get it done because I have to turn this car in to the dealer in October.  Low-grade stress turned into more intense stress, brought on by my procrastination. Not to mention the low-grade stress I feel every time I pass the po-po hoping they won't decide to pull me over that day.
  • Personal - calling State Farm to get that big crack in my windshield repaired.  It's now crawled from one side of my windshield to the other. Low-grade stress turned into bigger stress because I HAVE to do it before my car goes back to the dealer. And it's illegal. But remember...STL police don't seem to care.  Unfortunately, that excuse doesn't make it less stressful. 
  • Business - minor website updates on MY SITE that won't be an issue until they are. Low-grade stress that is completely unnecessary because I'm a web developer. WTF?

  • Business - organizing Asana, giving my VA an annual review, and canceling about 7 unnecessary recurring subscriptions. Low-grade stress that is easily fixable if I commit to tackling one thing a day.  So why won't I?

You get the point.  You could possibly judge me for my list, but what's on yours?  And you might just call this a to-do list, but when items on your list start to bring on that low-grade stress, it becomes more than that.  Compounding into bigger stress.

My dad always says, "You just need to walk it down." It being my list.  So I'm on it. I started fixing that paint last week and it felt so good to be getting it done.  Next up...those plates!  So pick a thing...anything that is low-key f-ing with you and get on it. It may not seem like it will do much for your psyche, but I promise you'll feel so much lighter.

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