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Erin Braxton  |  June 6, 2023

There are two ways to deal with the game of life (or business).  You can get in there and live it, experience it, create it, and do it.  Or you can treat it like a spectator sport, observing others living their best lives, making their dreams a reality, working at reaching their goals, and going for what they desire.

I listen to my friends, my family, and even clients give lip service to what they want, while they put very little, if not zero effort into getting it.  Flip-flopping from this thing to the next.  Not finishing anything they set out to accomplish.  All the while, admiring and envying the lives (and businesses) others create.   And let me be clear, I have been guilty of this, too.  There have been many a day when I've needed one of my rockstar friends to hold me accountable, tell it to me like it needs to be told, and help me stop spinning my way to nowhere and to get moving. So, today, let me do the same for you.

In the last 12 months, I've launched a group program I put off for years, visited 5 countries, met amazing people, and made steps to elevate my business (and personal life) to levels I couldn't have imagined 18 months ago.  I had no idea what God/the Universe had in store for me before putting myself deep into play. It started with me saying yes to invitations and opportunities, even when my first inclination was to say no or claim I couldn't afford to say yes. As I approach the mid-century mark in my life, instead of saying no or one day, I now say, "If not now, then when?" and just do it.  As a result, my business, my life, my mental, and emotional well-being...all are GOOD!

So please give up this spectator sport of sitting on the sidelines of the life or business you dream of having. Instead, make the investment in yourself, your business, and your dreams RIGHT NOW vs at "the right time."  Say yes to the scary and unknown.  Put your money on the experiences you can have today vs superficial "things" that will bring little reward in the future. And I promise that when you look back on how you played your game, you'll never regret cashing in sooner vs later.

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As a web and online marketing consultant, Erin has helped clients confidently build and grow their online presence.  Her love for entrepreneurs and all things small business has been a passion for over 14 years.  As an entrepreneur, herself, Erin knows how to coach and lead small businesses through their online journeys.  Read More

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