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Erin Braxton  |  May 7, 2024

In our grand efforts to chase the mighty dollar, we often lose sight of how to actually catch it, and more importantly, what catching it looks like.  Take me, for example. You've not heard from me in a minute because I've been bank-ing.  Still it's no excuse.




Actions taken in a business, today, that may result in new opportunities tomorrow.   These actions include but are not limited to networking, coffee meet-ups, conferences, courses, email follow-ups, social media posts and check-ins, etc.

"Spending time at the industry conference was an excellent way to bank in my business."

Sure, I made that up, but it's a thing.

It's simpler to keep our heads down and focus on the work at hand. To just get it done and stay in our comfort zones.  I know that's my preferred go-to.  We're more comfortable putting our attention on things we're used to doing.  It's less effort.  There's no fear in that.  Certainly much easier than writing your newsletter, going to networking events, and putting your attention into efforts that don't reap immediate rewards.  Not to mention that it is cheaper than investing in another course or conference.  But...is that the best bang for your business? 

I've had clients contact me years later who were finally ready.  I've had fruit come from seeds sown way back when.  I've had opportunities come just from being around and staying top of mind.  I've been able to intelligently contribute to conversations in the afternoon because I invested in a morning of proper banking.  

Choose how you bank and who you bank with wisely.  The compounded interest will bring returns you likely never imagined.

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