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Erin Braxton  |  July 5, 2022

Series: Your Website Isn't Just A...

Most people are not into change.  They want to stay where they are because it's the most comfortable place to be.  The familiar is not the scary position uncomfortable puts you in. But in business, getting stuck on how things have always been is the equivalent of being stuck on stupid.  

If you just look around you'll see that remaining stationary is no longer possible.  You don't have to jump on every new app, trend, fad, buzzword, hashtag, or TikTok you see.  That would be ridiculous.  But you do have to acknowledge areas in your business where incorporating certain changes will at least keep you on par with your competition and the market.  If not, you risk losing credibility and customers along with it.

Last week I terminated one of my vendors because they did not have their fingers on the pulse of Web 3.0.  Literally no clue.  And maybe because it was easier, they just tried to keep me going by using a dated playbook hoping I wouldn't notice.  But be careful.  Even though your customers may not have the same level of understanding as you do in your area of expertise, most are still savvy enough to realize when you're not leading them in the right direction.  

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