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Erin Braxton  |  March 22, 2022

I speak from experience.  So I pass no judgement when I see people allowing shiny objects to get them off of their game.

I'm an app junkie.  I still need to get rid of a lot of them.  Not only am I not using most of them, they're expensive.  

In the past, I've purchased tons of courses telling myself this is the thing that will get me to the next level.  But I quickly lose interest, and soon focus on something shinier. 

And let's not get started on how easy it is to become consumed with your favorite content creators.  You want to watch their videos and see everything they're doing and how they're doing it.  With goals and dreams to do something quite similar.  And you think that if you keep watching, one day you'll be able to do that, too.  But here's the deal, while you're watching them do their thing, you're not doing your thing!

We can spend a lot of time getting ready to get ready.  Whether you just have fear, lack confidence in your business idea, find things difficult or you're just waiting for that perfect moment to hit go.  

Real talk...excuses in the form of shiny objects allow us to BS ourselves out of doing the real work.  The hard work.

Do SOMEthing today. No matter how small, move that needle.

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As a web and online marketing consultant, Erin has helped clients confidently build and grow their online presence.  Her love for entrepreneurs and all things small business has been a passion for over 14 years.  As an entrepreneur, herself, Erin knows how to coach and lead small businesses through their online journeys.  Read More

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