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April 3, 2018

In my last video I discussed How to Set Your Vendors Up for Success, and one of the ways I suggested you do this was to create video tutorials.  After working with vendors, clients and virtual assistants for many years, I’ve decided that most people do not like to read.  Even I’m guilty of this!  I love to read a novel when I have the time, but if you sit some instructions in front of me and expect me to read them…No, no, no….

I’m so thirsty for information when it comes to my business. I become obsessed and completely geek out on all things small business related.  But I’m far more likely to sign up for an eCourse or watch a video, than read a blog post or ebook.  Even though I want the information…reading just seems to take more energy.  Knowing that, I’ve decided that it is best to  create videos (or visual aids) to train people.  This is especially useful when you’re dealing with people who speak another language.  You can’t dispute a visual tutorial.

So check out my video on how I’m training the people who work with me on my team.  There are three things you’ll need to get a proper training system going, and I’ll walk you through them in this video.

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