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February 22, 2022

No matter what you believe in your life or who you feel is in control, one of the following has certainly happened to you:

  • a feeling in your gut and somewhere deep within has provided you with direction in a certain situation.  
  • your intuition has been able to save you from making a mistake, or
  • God spoke to you through something or someone to help you make a decision or find an answer.

Regardless of which one it is, you always need to pay attention to your gut, intuition or God.  In my opinion, they're all the same. If you follow your gut, intuition or God, you're in the best position not to play yourself.

I've hired people when I knew better.  

I've entered into situations with people, both business and personal, when I saw the red flags but decided to ignore them.  

I've trusted people when they've shown me they were untrustworthy. 

I've tried to force situations knowing I should turn the other way and run. 

And when it doesn't work out, I'm never surprised.  Just frustrated with the unnecessary stress I've caused myself by not listening to my gut, intuition or God.


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